Workers’ Compensation Client Testimonial – Bedri

Bedri offers testimonial to his workers compensation case handled by Geoffrey Hillsberg.

“Four or five years ago I got injured at the job. I feel like nobody could help me. Even my own employer, they didn’t care and I mean even though they put claim in, insurance companies try to deny you. Once I got introduced to Geoffrey and after a while we talked I felt very secure.”

“I didn’t even know anything about workman’s comp before I got hurt. He explained to me how things were going to go. You know, I felt very secure. [Geoff’s] an excellent lawyer, excellent guy. He will help you out any way he can.”

The Law Offices of Geoffrey Hillsberg

If you or someone you know is thinking about filing for worker’s compensation, call the law office of Geoffrey Hillsberg. Mr. Hillsberg has been representing injured workers throughout Delaware County and southeastern Pennsylvania for over 25 years. This narrow focus means the best representation for you, an in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing worker’s compensation laws, and the assurance that someone is fighting to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact Mr. Hillsberg today for a free consultation.