Workers’ Compensation Medical Accessibility Survey

Every year, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation hires a third-party company to run a survey of injured workers, insurance companies, and healthcare providers. This Medical Accessibility Survey is the primary tool the Bureau uses to determine what parts of the Workers’ Compensation system need to be improved.

How the Medical Accessibility Survey Works

Workers' compensation surveyWorkers' compensation survey

If you were injured on the job in 2019, you are eligible to participate in the 2020 Medical Accessibility Survey. You should be receiving a notice from FieldGoals.US, the company contracted to perform the survey this year. The survey should contain around 12 questions based on the 2019 version. These questions will cover topics such as how quickly you received medical attention, how good that medical attention was, and how soon you were able to return to work. All personal information will be stripped from your survey and your responses will be compiled into a statistical analysis along with all the other returned surveys.

Why Should You Participate in the Survey?

The Medical Accessibility Survey is your one chance per year to directly tell the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation how you feel. If there was any part of your experience with the system that you didn’t like (or that you did like), you should fill out and return the survey. Not only is this an opportunity for your voice to be heard, but it’s an opportunity to change the Workers’ Compensation system for the benefit of injured workers.

Workers' compensation physician

For example, if the Bureau finds that many respondents are saying that they didn’t have timely access to healthcare or that they were unsure about how to file a claim, they can take steps to fix those problems. Some fixes may simply involve creating additional web pages or brochures to help workers find the information they need. But other fixes may include the implementation of new, or tightening of old, rules that employers, insurance companies, and healthcare providers must adhere to.

And based on the data collected from the previous five years, real improvements have been made for injured workers across the state thanks to the responses given to these surveys.


If you suffered an on-the-job injury in 2019, expect to receive a survey regarding your experience with the Workers’ Compensation system. You should seriously consider responding to this survey for two reasons. First, it’s the only way for you to let the Bureau know about your grievances. Second, the responses collected from the survey play a direct role in improving the system for future injured workers.

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