Workers’ Compensation Client Testimonial – Michael

Michael was a Workers’ Compensation client from 2015 to early 2017. He came in on the recommendation of another former client of mine, and it was immediately clear that he was being led astray by those involved already in the case.

My priority was getting him the care he needed, first and foremost, and then the compensation and benefits he needed. Six months after his case ended, I asked him if he would be willing to sit down in front of a camera and speak about his experience. He was, and this is what he had to say:

“He told me a lot of ins and outs – things that they were doing wrong, before I even hired him. He was telling me what was going on. Things I should have had that I didn’t have. Medical, what doctors I could go see… you know they were supposed to give me a list of doctors I could go see, and I never got it. That was a red flag right there. I was like ‘oh, I definitely need some help’.

“He got me the right doctor, number 1, and he stayed in touch with me, he always checked on me and made everything was going smoothly. He let me know what questions to ask when I went to my doctor, and what to watch out for when I went to their doctor.

“His communication style stood out. If I called, he called back. It didn’t matter what time of night or day it was, I was sure to get a call back. Then his secretary Melissa, she was just like talking to him! She knew what was going on and everything. If I called him and couldn’t get him on the phone, if he was in court or something, she would answer, and she would call me back and give me the information I need. A couple times I had papers to fill out. I’d bring them to the office, she’d fill them out and mail them for me. She was great, she was awesome.

“He made the process very, very easy. I’ve talked to a lot of people whos lawyers were somewhere else with the case, telling them this or that. He was never like that. Even when it came down to something, he’d say ‘this is your decision, I’m here to guide you through this decision, that’s it’.”