What Medical Expenses does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

The question is — what’s covered medically? The answer is: anything the doctor prescribes for you can generally be covered under workers’ compensation.

Not over-the-counter stuff — no ibuprofen, or if you go to the store and buy Band-Aids, those aren’t going to be reimbursable. But if you need prescription medications, those are certainly covered.

If you need a hospital bed, and the doctor writes a prescription for it, you can go to a durable medical goods company and have it provided through the workers compensation system. Braces are covered. Canes, walkers, medical equipment in general is covered.

And then that can be broadened. If you have to have your vehicle somehow corrected so that you can drive it with your injury, that might be something that can be covered. And then it can be broadened even further depending on the severity of the injury, sometimes one time remodeling to your home can be covered under workers’ compensation.

So a lot of things can be covered through the medical section of the act, depending on medical necessity.

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