Shelley’s Testimonial – Successful Workers’ Compensation Representation

Shelley was a client of Geoffrey’s for a little over a year, spanning two injuries. Her story is a similar one to many of Geoffrey’s clients. Have a listen to what she had to say:

“He’d be calling me, because he’d want to do a little prep before a hearing, or before… you know, like here’s the next step, and when we need to be in Upper Darby at the judge’s office. Step by step in the process, everything was explained, so that I could walk in and not be afraid.

“Geoffrey calls me constantly. Geoffrey calls me, Geoffrey mails me, Geoffrey emails me… the communication was fabulous.

With Geoffrey, you’re not just a number… you’re not just a fish in an ocean of claims at a big law firm. The attention to detail was… [what you were looking for?] Yeah. No complaints. He’s a great guy.” – Shelley – Former Client